Women on GӓRD

Women on GӓRD is a three-hour course that provides classroom education, hands-on practice and scenario-based training. Women on GӓRD will introduce students to methods to evaluate their environment for potential dangers. This course will also provide students with a model to diagnose the actions of others and subsequent responses to those with ill intentions. $50.00 per person

Women on GӓRD Champions

Women on GӓRD Champions is a three-hour course that introduces students to self-defense options when an attacker has closed the distance. This course will build on the lessons learned from Women on GӓRD while taking students through an evolution of a violent encounter. Students will learn techniques to defend against pushes, grabs, chokes, as well as positions on the ground. This course consists of hands-on and scenario-based training. $50.00 per person

Women on GӓRD Two Day Workshop (8 hours)

Women on GӓRD workshop is an intensive two day self-defense course. This workshop is scheduled periodically throughout the year for individual registration. Women on GӓRD Workshop is also available by appointment for groups of ten or more. $200.00 per person