Tough Guys Talk Love

As a follow up to "earn your Post-Its, " lets talk about tough guys talking love.

In the life of a sheepdog, we spend countless hours witnessing horrific car crashes, violence, death, suicide and are recipients of grievances from many, it has become common to develop a hard exterior. We spend many hours practicing violence physically and mentally. We shoot guns at lifelike targets, punch each other in the face, choke each other, and rehearse footwork for room entries to avoid being shot in the face. We scan our surroundings each time our environment changes, looking for the ninjas to come and get us. We study case law and legal codes, so we don't get beat up on the stand by a defense attorney.

At times, I have put my walls up, and for a long time, I kept only those who share those experiences with me close to me. Many influences recently have helped me grow, everything from podcasts, music, my assignment within the police department, and the most apparent, friends and family. These influences have encouraged me to take a step away from the constant negativity that my senses endure and to focus on the positives. If you know me, you know that I am a very optimistic positive dude, so this isn't a "turning a new leaf post" this is a post to shed some light on the fact that it is OK and even beneficial for tough guys to talk love. Unfortunately, it often takes a critical incident for us to stop worrying about all the things that aren't truly important and to focus on what is.

While being fully emerged in the pressures I described above, finding and focusing on the things you love is essential. What do I love? The sun coming up, birds singing and a cool breeze in the air during a morning run. A "normal" work schedule that allows me to be more involved in the lives of my wife and kids. A night hanging with my brothers in blue having beers and busting balls when inevitably one of them says, " I love you, bro."

What does that "I love you, bro" mean? It genuinely means I love you. When confronted with life-changing events daily with others, the bond is unexplainable. And it is OK to tell your bro that you love'em. Likely, any tough guy you know talks about the things he loves, maybe not publicly, but when traumatic events are the norm, the appreciation for things that we love intensifies. In a time when Veterans and LEOs are taking their own lives, it is essential for us to love and support one another. So the tough guys here at GäRD Defense Solutions will talk about how much we love our wives, kids, friends, the sun, stars, ocean and anything else we find beautiful and loveable because it is OK for tough guys to talk love. If you are a Veteran or First Responder who needs an ear, reach out to us.

Take this opportunity to reach out to someone you love and let them know!