GӓRD Against Violence (Get Away-Reinforce-Defend)

GӓRD Against Violence is a 90 minute presentation to provide individuals with options to increase survivability in a violent incident. This course provides statistics, lessons learned, and information from prior violent incidents. You will learn tips to evaluate your everyday environment to increase survivability. This course is available for businesses and small groups. (Optional scenario-based training available)

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GӓRD Awareness

GӓRD Awareness is a 90 minute presentation that will walk students through a process of diagnosing potentially dangerous people and situations. This lecture is designed to help students develop situational awareness to assist in avoiding dangerous situations.

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Tiffani S.

GӓRD Defense came to my office and provided active shooter training. They are clearly experts in the field, experienced, professional and yet so relatable. They were able to connect with the team members making this very serious training less intimidating. Their knowledge and approach make them ideal trainers. I highly recommend them for any organization who values the lives of their employees and wants to create a culture of empowered survivors.